The Band

Off Script Band consist of various musicians to create our unique sound. Keyboard players, Guitar players, Bass players, Drummers, Congo players and horn players.

Lew Dickson


Lew Dickson, a native of Washington, DC is climbing the ladder to success in the music industry one step at a time. Born on April 5, 1977, this performer has known he was meant for the stage since he began playing the trombone in the 3rd grade.
A self – described perfectionist by nature, Lew aspires to become a successful entrepreneur in the industry.
As a musician, one of his favorite memories is when he initially came across an audio recording of Washington D.C own, Rare Essence (Go-Go Band) at Hampton University in 1989. A longtime fan of such artists as Devante Swing of the R&B group (Jodeci) and Mint Condition, Lew continues to work hard at his craft with maintaining a focus of creating his own style.
He sees himself enjoying the same success as these individuals have done so, on their road to achievement.
When asked about how he spends his free time, Lew enjoys traveling, working out and attending sporting events. His ultimate goal however is to become the best musician he can be.
Working under the motto – One Band, One Sound, he will certainly obtain his goal, turning his dream into reality.
We will be watching!

Ihkand (Da Chef) Mason


“I love music because it touches everyone” – these are the words spoken by Ihkand Mason also known as Da Chef and Crank Brother # 1 in the music industry. When asked to describe his style, Ihkand states he likes to make sure each bar is the same crankage, stay within the music and not overplay.
A native of Washington, DC, Ihkand was born in April 1976 and enjoys playing on stage and seeing the appreciation from the fans.
Ihkand is determined to become well established in the music world by exploring more opportunities in other areas such as television and movie soundtracks. When not mixing, producing or performing, he enjoys art, food, movies and simply enjoying life.

Jason (Apache) Farrell

Congas A.K.A. Tumbadoras

A native of the DMV (DC, Maryland and Virginia), Apache is not your typical percussionist. Born Jason Farrell on March 2, “Apache” developed a love of music at an early age. He explains “I remember my favorite uncle encouraging me to play, but truthfully my skills were formed when I began using my aunts’ pots and pans as instruments.”
The rest, as they say is history!
Describing his style as cool, calm and effortless, Apache draws on the influences of Prince and Michael Jackson for his inspiration. He enjoys playing multiple percussion instruments and credits his family’s love of music for his success. “My father was the number one DJ in the DMV and is still well known for his spins” Apache states, and my family was always surrounded by great music and food.
When not perfecting his musical skills, Apache enjoys working with computers, building websites and mobile apps. He also enjoys cooking and grilling. His future plans are to become an established and successful entrepreneur, but his most important goal is to be a great father.
When asked about his musical philosophy, he didn’t hesitate to give a quote by Bob Marley – “One good thing about music, when it hits you, you feel no pain”. Well, Apache, we’ve been touched by your talents, and let’s just say, pain is the last thing we were feeling!

Regis (Ovie) Oddo


Originally born Dec 25th in Philadelphia, PA., Regis first obtained his musical education at 16 years of age in his father’s home land of Nigeria, West Africa. There, his hunger for success in music grew after watching music legends such as Michael Jackson, Prince, Stevie Wonder and Bob Marley. This subsequently brought him back to the United States where he continues his music career as a composer/keyboardist/producer and songwriter. His playing constitutes various styles of music, jazz, R&B, reggae, neo-soul and hip hop.
He is inspired by such jazz greats as Bob James, Dave Grusin, Don Pullen and Oscar Peterson. In his most recent years, Regis’ thirst for more musical knowledge has continued to broaden his horizons into the realm of music composition for film and television. In years to come, Regis hopes to establish a music production company which will conduct itself within and beyond the borders of the United States’ shores and maintain a gateway for artists abroad in other countries. In addition make music for film and television.